We pride ourselves on being able to source the best available deals in any set of circumstances for both commercial and private air travel. We hold certain unique advantages and tools that allow us to confidently achieve this. Whilst we won’t reveal our secret recipes, we do explain below just a couple of reasons why we have the edge.

One of the most unique and powerful tools that we hold is that of access to the availability of different global markets for commercial flights. This ensures that we are sourcing the most efficient deals out there because it doesn’t restrict us to 1 country’s availability for any given flight, which is the case and also a major disadvantage when booking through a single travel agency, online or offline. This global reach also allows us to source route deals that may not be available elsewhere.

But of course, we wouldn’t be able to exercise our access efficiently if we didn’t have an outstanding team. Those who work with us are experts and highly knowledgeable in constructing tickets and finding the right balance of pricing/flexibility, for any level of itinerary complexity. And especially with so many types of fares and unexpected costs arising from tickets, particularly from changes, we figure out the most sensible way to get things done. We believe it’s essential to offer up the transparency and clear explanation to our clients so they know what these potential costs are that may arise and how best we can keep them to a minimum.

Sometimes, though, it’s not only about cost. We can look at the finer details, for example, which seats have missing or misaligned windows, whether the plane has WIFI enabled, what meal you can expect at any given time of day. We can advise you of the best position to be on an aircraft in order to make a swift exit, particularly on long haul flights where position can make all the difference in the time taken to exit the airport! Ultimately, we want to offer all the information and advice we can to help with comfortable and stress-free travel for both seasoned travellers as well as those who may be nervous or infrequent flyers.

Once a trip is booked through us, we control it on your behalf, and of course take care of all amendments. We are available every step of the way, and in the case of delays or involuntary cancellations, you can be rest assured that we are on top of it, and will provide you with the best options available.

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