Additional Services

Airport – VIP Meet and greets

Many travellers have neither the time nor the inclination to be waiting around in airports prior to or after a flight. In different airports around the world we have built relationships with companies and individuals who we have found to be the most professional and discrete VIP escorts to assist with and expedite airport formalities, saving time and hassle. This is a service we can add to flights departing from or arriving into most airports worldwide.

FFP Management

We can assist in the management of frequent flyer programs, such as offering advice on how best to optimise your miles and achieve/retain status across the alliances. However, we do not engage or assist in any form of bartering or the buying/selling of frequent flyer points.

Delivery services

Have you just left your jewellery in the safe in your hotel whilst on holiday in the Maldives and need it back safely and securely? Or do you need an important document sent from London to New York to arrive the same day? If so, we’ve got you covered. We have our trusted couriers ready to jump on a plane and get it done.

Corporate Travel Policies

There are many different ways of setting policies within small or large organisations. We offer the service of building and implementing the ideal policy for a company, one that will optimise the employee benefit / employer’s cost balance according to its parameters.

Other Services



With our unique tools and great team, have a look at how we can help find the optimal solution for your air travel.


Hotels & Car Transfers


We can book your ideal hotel or villa, and arrange transportation for transfers or tours throughout your trip.


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